££££. My go to ways to make money. ££££.

How I make Money.

I’m not gonna lie, Some of the things I do to make, extra money can take time.
But the info I share below, have all earned there place in my arsenal and they are my “Go to.”

1. Ebay, No surprise here. However, that said, it’s one of my constant earners. I source from Charity shop’s, my own wardrobe and home and  auctions. (Check out some of my Auction pages for my finds.)

It’s surprising, how others can love what you’ve grown tired off.

2. Amazon. Again no surprise here, but i do like me, an Amazon sale, its normally fast, efficient and I personally love the layout.

3. Cash for Clothes; I find this is good for when / if you need some cash PDQ. and sadly there have been times when I have. You just need to make sure your items are clean. Cash for clothes mainly buy Men’s and Woman’s clothing. My local Cash for Clothes pays approx. 50 Pence, per Kg. and around 25 pence per, Kg, for pairs of shoes belts etc. They normally have limit of approx. 75Kg. However I get round this by going to a few of there “Shops” in one day or over a weekend. (Wow, do I know how to party!)

4. Coin Jar. I’m quite organised here. I save all my loose change and empty whatever’s in my purse on the last day of each month. Into my rather large coin jar. Barring emergency’s, I empty it the first week of December. This normally covers the cost of Xmas food and drink and the odd small luxury gift.

5. Magpie. Great site. I often sell my unwanted DVD’s CD’s computer games, books Etc. You can simply enter the items bar code for the price offered. Its also free to send stuff. (I would also say that, If I’m not impressed with the price offered for Games ,DVD’s etc. I will use CeX UK, I’ve never been disappointed with the pricesCeX.uk offer and again its immediate cash once your registered with them.

6. Virtual Assistant.

A virtual assistant or VA is someone who provides professional help to clients remotely. Virtual assistants offer a wide variety of services including carrying out administrative tasks, writing blog posts, working on social media and many other tasks. Virtual assistants can be incredibly useful to just about anyone. Albeit someone just starting out on a business or someone who’s business is growing fast.
I worked as a VA, answering phones, writing blogs, Booking theatre spaces. Script reading.
The amount of money you can earn as a virtual assistant depends on a number of factors, including your skill set. I have known VA’s in the UK to charge anything from £6 per hour to over a £100 per hour. I personally would suggest a starting price between £12-£20 per hour, but of course you will need to work out your own needs and whether that is suitable for you. I use to find it worked better for me to charge an hourly rate per project, or a set fee for a set amount of work.
Remember to factor in any “Hidden” expenses, such as paying for your internet, phone calls etc. And any other work related expenses that may arise.
Remember also that you will need to HMRC to tell them that you are working on a self-employed basis.
This of course is not an extensive list , but they have all proved useful to me . If you can think of any other’s. Please leave them in the comments box . I’d love to hear your tips and ideas.