Hi All


I recently managed to pick up from auction a few  bus destination blind’s Theses always seem to sell well.

Due to the destinations covered in this  blind, they do tend to be particularly sought after, by Ex pats, Beatle’s  fans and Transport fans alike .

This  bus blind display destinations such as  “PENNY LANE” , the area made famous by the Beatles song.  Another display has  the “DINGLE”, the area where Ringo came from and  “Speke”   were George Harrison , Paul McCarthy  came from. And Mather Avenue were John Lennon lived with aunty Mimi.

To be honest I’ve also seen these binds in peoples hall ways and kitchens they are as they say “hipster currency. ”




luv ya, yeah yeah.  xxx  so sorry got a bit carried away.

My Latest Auction Finds.


Just thought I would share my latest, Auction Find.

It’s’ a Victorian Railway Lamp . (Circa 1885, I believe.)

However,  I’m not an expert, but I would go as far as to say … The plastic fake candle holder may well be a 2018 thing. Possibly from Wilko.. Just say’en