Hi I’m Carol, the voice behind Lifesavvy.co

I’ve always been interested in generating extra income streams. I sailed along quite successfully working hard and enjoying myself as I progressed.
Sharing money making ventures and tip’s with friends, as we all tried to balance our children’s and households requirements.  As a couple, my partner and I had never really been in any serious amount of debt. We had our joint salary’s and managed to live comfortably with my extra side hustles.
What is it they say about pride coming before a fall?.. Well the fall for us was, one traumatic and two, pretty much our own fault.
We had decided to buy a larger house and take a loan for renovations. We had never taken a loan before, we did all our research got what we thought was a good deal. Everything went well for about eighteen months, then my husband was made redundant.
Due to this we “missed the odd payment”, say one payment in every eight or nine months. We were heavily penalised for this. we were surcharged for late payments. The cost of being informed by letter and, or telephone calls telling us that we were late making payments (ironically we already knew, this as we’d been up most night’s worrying about it !) , and before we knew it we were in trouble and it got worse and worse. We made requests for extra time to pay. We were oddly ,offered a loan, to pay off our loan off.

My partner then became unexpectedly ill with a life threatening illness, that then sadly became a life changing illness.
This was one of our worse times ever, my two teenage sons and myself (My poor husband was fighting for his life in hospital, unware of what was happening. ) were fighting to make sure he had a home to come back too.
(I’ll spare you the drama and tears.)

However as a family we managed to raise the full amount of the outstanding loan, which was by then considerable , as we were being surcharged daily. I will say this much, I took great pride in telling my loan “Account manger “ she could stop her intended plan of listing our home at Auction the coming week .
I informed her I was paying the whole of the money, we owed right there, right then . (it was so,ooo satisfying hearing her squirm instead of me. when she realised we could paid the account in full.
I let you imagine how our “convo” went !!! And yes, I did use some unladylike words, and found it very satisfying to do so. )
I think it’s fair to say, I’m no financial expert, as you can see by reading my story ! However I’ve learnt a lot about making money, sometimes fast, sometimes by playing the long game.
Apart from all the above I’m also very interested in natural beauty, love making my own natural skin care products, cooking meals for family and friends. I’m focused and committed to raising disability issues. Finding hacks that make life easier, going to auctions and re -selling . I think I’ve learnt to be a Savvy woman and want to share what I’ve learnt .
Thanks for reading. Regards Carol.