Testing Primark’s exfoliating pads.


I decided to “test run” exfoliating pads. I’ve long been a fan of Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial pads. However they can be a tad pricey ,depending on if they are  on offer or not. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that Primark had “Skin perfecting resurfacing pads”. So in the name of Savvy shopping, I decided I would do a little personal comparison.

Testing High Street Exfoliating pads against Primark.
Testing Primark’s “Skin perfecting resurfacing pads”.

I Just want to say from the get go, I’m not sponsored in any way and all opinions are my own.

Both brands contain sixty exfoliating pads and are soaked in glycolic + fruit acids to gently cleanse pores and resurface skin.

I “tested” each of the products for approx three months. Using one branded pad on each side of may face . I did this approx. three times a week as part of my normal skin care routine.

I found that the Primark pads appeared thinner ,less substantial then the Nip and Fab pads. The Nip and Fab pads were to me, more substantial and permeated with more of  the Glycolic product.

That said, once I got use to the basic differences in the products format, I found the products did the same job and  to the same standard on my skin type. Both products left my skin feeling equally moisturised and looking clear . Given that the Nip and Fab product was £14.95 when I purchased it. I would be more than happy to stay with Primark’s Skin perfecting resurfacing pads priced at £5.00 when I purchased it .

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  1. Hi I’m new to your site. I really enjoy your blogs. I’m going to give the Primark skin pads a go. I’ve used the nip &fab before, but there to harsh for my skin.😁Emma

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