Aldi’s Lacura Glycolic Glow Tonic VS Pixi’s iconic Glow Tonic .luxury

Product Review; Aldi’s  Lacura Glycolic Glow Tonic VS Pixi’s iconic Glow Tonic

Dupe me, baby, one more time?

Let the Dupes begin?

Dupe me, baby, one more time ???? 

Hi Savvy readers.

I’m sure you cannot have missed the recent launch o Aldi’s Lacura Glycolic Glow Tonic.  Approx £ 3.99 

As you probably know by now, we at  just cannot resist a bargain.  Well,  so long as it’s a good product as well as being amazing value for money. Otherwise, it ‘s buy cheap, buy twice and were not really into that here.  So like most people on the planet beauty, we’ve long been a fan of  Pixi’s iconic Glow Tonic. approx £18.00 

So naturally, we were eager to try Aldi’s Lacura Glycolic Glow Tonic. for ourselves.

So here’s a snapshot of our findings. 

In the interest of all things beauty, we got all sciencey, well for us anyway.

We split the “trial” into three age groups Early to mid to 30’S. Early to mid 40.s and 50’s to 65+. We were all veterans of the Pixi glow tonic so had a level of expectation.

We all used  Pixi’s iconic Glow on the right side of our faces and  Lacura Glycolic Glow Tonic on the left-hand side.  We did this morning and evening for just over two weeks.

At first, I felt as though the packing was so similar, that it was sort aimed at making me think.  it was bound to produce the same effect. ( If you get my drift.? )   Lucikly the others in the groups were not of this mindset. (No, no mind melding going on there, no siree, nope.  just me.)

Anyhowww our conclusions were, to be honest, that they both pretty much delivered the same results.  I wish I could provide you with a revelation of beauty epic proportions. But let’s be transparent here.

Both products contain approx 5% Glycolic acids. Both products aim to improve the skin’s texture they both gently exfoliate the skin. Pretty much as you would expect to form any 5% Glycolic acid based skin care product.  So from the get-go would you be likely to experience any notable difference? Personally, I think not…however.

It is worth noting that our testers in the Early to mid to 30’s- Early to mid 40.s groups. Reported they could see no difference if their skins overall appearance. When using the Lacura Glycolic Glow Tonic  VS Pixi’s iconic  Glow Tonic. They said they felt there skin had the uniform glowing texture they normally expect from Pixi’s Glow Tonic. Thye reported they  were more than happy with the results obtained from  Lacura Glycolic Glow Tonic.

However, some of those in the 50’s to 65+ age group, advised they felt that the Lacura Glycolic Glow Tonic did not quite provide the same glow to there skin as  Pixi’s iconic Glow Tonic did. They reported the result was not noticeable when they put their primers and moisturizes on the skin but nevertheless it was a factor. However, the group did agree, that it was not enough of a difference for them to stay with the more expensive product. 




(Please note the opinions here are our own. You may have a different experience and we would love to hear about in our comment box . come on share the love. Also, just wanna say this is not a  sponsored blog.. sad but true. )







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  1. Really enjoyed this. I was wondering if you could write a blogg about affordable skin care please?
    I’ve recently had to par back my spending on pretty much anything that’s none essential.
    I’ve about £15.00 -£20.00 to cover skin care PCM . what can I skip on / what should I spend the most money on for best results .
    I would be really grateful for your thoughts . thank you xoxo Maureen .

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