Review of Becca’s “Be a light” …Not such a shining light. ? glowing skin

A quick review of  Becca’s “Be a light” …Not such a shining light.

Bought this after the seeing reviews on You tube. (Ie, Youtube made me do it. Ha! yeah, that old chestnut. )

Packing it as you would expect from Becca.. lovely. And you can’t help, but pick up on the Hourglass vibes.

I purchased the light-medium palette. Whereas the Brightening powder did give a lovely subtle “Candlelight glow.”  Perfect for grown-up glamour and the upcoming holiday season.

I found the blurring powder just looked muddy,  on my fair skin tone.

The Contour was fine but, if I’m honest nothing special. I now use it in the crease line as an eyeshadow.  The blusher was a little too sparkly for me, kinda 1980’s vibe here, but I can work with it.

Also, a major annoyance was that the blusher was not properly adhered to the pan and keeps popping out.

Got the feeling that the Becca team so,oo had an “Hourglass girl crush going on“. However, for me, this product they fell way short of the mark.

please note all opinions expressed are my own.personal view.

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Author: Carol Osborne

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One thought on “Review of Becca’s “Be a light” …Not such a shining light. ? glowing skin”

  1. Hi
    Just wanted to say , I really enjoyed this blog.
    I was going to buy this, but after reading your blog I went to my local dep’t store and asked the rep if she would let me try the Becca palette. The rep happily applied the palette in Fair….. I have to agree with you the result was uninspiring the defusing colour just made me look dull skinned slightly orange in hue . NICE!
    I would also go further than you and would say the blusher was clown like in it iridescence formula.. Glad there are still some honest reviews out there.x

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