Help for hair loss and thinning hair.

Help for hair loss and thinning hair.

Help for when you hair is more “merr” then your crowing glory.

Below are some of the tips, I’ve use to support and restore my hair. They have worked for me, hopefully they will for you to. ( I learnt the hard way about thinning hair ,due to stress.)

Hair loss can effect us all, at different times of life. Hair loss or thinning hair can often be due to pregnancy, post pregnancy , stress , poor diet. Also as we age and our body’s prepare for the menopause and post menopause.








I tackled my hair problem in three ways:

One. I switched to Sulphate free shampoos and conditioners. I found this to be a great help and my hair loss was gradually less and my hair looked heathier.




Two. I stared using Vitamins aimed at supporting hair loss and thinning hair. I tried many different Vitamins, but my go to one’s where, are still are.

The Vitamin B’S, I use Biotin. (Biotin is said to help stimulate the growth of healthy hair follicles. It is thought that a deficiency in our body can cause hair loss and breakage in some people.) B-Vitamins play a vital role in cell growth, due to generation of fatty acids and fats. Biotin is said to transform the protein, fats and carbohydrates into the calories that  you need. It also aids the proper function of your nervous system. Biotin also appears to also give your skin a healthy glow …So  win win.

I also use Vitamin B-3 Now ,this vitamin seems to be a bit of a “Marmatite “product with users. This is Problerley   due to the “Flush “ it gives you once you take it.! 



I’m not gonna lie , When I fist used it , I freaked out. Say within,  ten minutes I was like” OMG, OMG  its hot in here, are you hot “?  (They weren’t. )

I felt like, I was in sauna only an internal sauna..   me no like. !

However some people, actually claim, to love the flush it gives them. !!!!

They say it’s like the flush from sex or exercise. (I must have been doing something wrong. Ha. )   Anyhowww, I started taking the B3 tablets of a night, before bed and found this works so much better for me.



Three the Silk Pillow case. The silk pillowcase seems to leave my hair calmer not so full of static, as it is If I don’t use it. It also seems to leave me with out those crease marks you can get on you face using a normal pillowcase .



Theses tips have worked for me I hope they will for you. HOWEVER you might like to talk with your GP or Pharmacist before you start taking any of the additional vitamins I’ve mentioned. Just to make sure there suitable for you to take …
Trust me .. I’m no expert . xx




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  1. Hi I’ve just come across your site. I love it. I I wonder if you could do a blog about caring for hair extensions. Or hair styles for finer hair that does not grow!!! Mine never seems to grow past my colar bone without the snapping or getting bitty. Thanks

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