My first £1000.00 of 2018 and how I did it. and am STILL doing it.

How I managed to smash my first £1000.00  challenge of 2018.

£1000.00 -challenge.

So It’s now  mid April 2018 and I’ve managed to  reach my first £1000.00 goal.   I actually exceeded it by £320.00. This money is, separate from my normal income streams.  Below is how I did it,  it was at times a dirty job, but someone had to do it…  Have a look at what I did and see what changes you can make to achieve similar results.  Please be aware this can become  compulsive in the nicest of ways.!! .

  1. I normally spend £5.00 a day, four days a week on lunch’s. (I just took in home made lunch’s. From things I already had bought in my normal grocery shop.) So  £5.00 per day for four days per week is  is £20.00 x this by 12 weeks  ) = £240.00.
  2. Not, impulse food buying, saved me £35.00 p.w. x 12 weeks = 420.00. I got around this by, “Mindful shopping” and  meal plans. I also noticed I had less food waste.  As in my household we often buy  needlessly and  we are real suckers for the buy two, get one free, yellow sticker labels,etc . We would often find  the food had gone out of date before it could even be ate.

Not buying things purely because they were on sale. I do this quite a lot with clothes and things for home. The word sale seems to be my downfall . And let’s be honest shops seems to have “Sales ” on all the time at present.  so I would spend £20.00 per week x this by 12 week’s and that’s £240.00.

4. Not Buying fresh flowers. I would normally buy a bunch a week at  £5.00 x this by 12 weeks was £60.00. To be honest I missed this the most I love flower’s. However it really did  help to see my saving account growing steadily.

5. Not buying alcohol,wine in my case . We would normally buy three bottles of wine weekly. £10.00 p.w. x 12 week’s =£360.00 Cheers baby! 

So  I managed to save £1.320.00 over three months and if I’m really honest. apart from the flowers, I did not miss anything .

Also if you have some other money saving ideas don’t be shy share.

£1000.00 Challenge.

I would love to hear from you. x

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