Shop your freezer to save money and reduce waste.

Shop your freezer.

What Will YOU Accomplish?
The shop your Freezer challenge will have several purposes.
• It will encourage you to spend very little / no money on frozen groceries.
• Hopefully you will save money by shopping the foods already in your own freezer.
• You can use the contents of your freezer to make delicious meals.
• If you have already cooked meals and placed them in the freezer for “Mid week” you can actually eat the meals.
• You should dramatically reduce waste and save money.

If your anything like me, you may it hard to resit a bargain, when it comes    to food shopping.
My freezer is stocked to bursting point with pink Tupper Ware = my foods home lasagne, Spag Bol. Shepherd’s Pie.
Blue Tupper ware = Himself’s foods; steaks , chickens breast, lags of Lamb. Etc .
Then there’s the frozen ready meals section, These were normally on offer at my local supermarkets. In short “ ma freezer is over stocked.”

“ So why do I keep buying more? to the point that I have to literally shove my last purchase in and slam the door shut.”

So my niece and I are going to set ourselves the challenge of shopping from our freezers throughout the month of August .
We both feel we’ve given the supermarkets enough of our money at present, so until we have used all the contents of the freezer. We will only be buying milk, butter, eggs and salad stuff as required. But no frozen foods.

The first thing we did was go through our freezers together, throw out what we felt may have been out of date. Make a list of the contents then plan family meals around what we have in there.

My niece has three children , two under ten and one over. I have four adults to cater for

We started on the 1st of August. I will update the blog as we go through the month of August.

Its, odd but I often find my self having a mooch around the supermarkets of a Sunday, if I’m not going any were nice. ( For my niece its a Monday afternoon.) we both noted we normally spend about £25.00 on non essential foods we both buy frozen meals on offer chicken breast ,more barbeque foods

So From 01/08/18 so far I’ve saved £18.00. ( from the 01/08/18 -05/08/18) We will keep you updated .


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One thought on “Shop your freezer to save money and reduce waste.”

  1. Hi This sounds a good idea.
    I would be interested in seeing a meal plan or what meals you make from the food in freezer .
    if only to give me some ideas ..
    Linda. x

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