You may have the moxici but do you have the minerals ?

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I just thought I would share some info with you it’s just a short,  fun blog as part of the occasional mindfulness series I’m creating  in 2019.

So,oo at Christmas 2018 I received a gift of a glass water bottle. in the bottle was what looked like to me, at least, a little array of pink stones albeit rather pretty stones. Possibly I thought from someone’s driveway , my driveway ?  I wondered.

rose and amethyst crystals

 Of course, I thanked the person who gave me the gift profusely.

But I over-egged the pudding, as they say . And she guessed I did not have a Scooby what it was.   So, my niece patiently explained to me, as though I had been living under a rock for the last two years. That this was NO ordinary water bottle no, no way, no how. It was to all intense and purposes a magic bottle. A bottle that if you just add gemstones and water too, it would  be filled with good vibes ,that when you drank you would be drinking in ,good vibes. ( metaphorically speaking.) I thought yeah, course it does ..Hmm, then it was my turn to look superior  and smile in what I hoped said . Ha who’s the fool girl now.? But actually, it turns out it was still me.

Over the days after Christmas I did some on line research and yay, these bottles are a thing !!  I mean YES there vey “Instagram”  just on their own.

For example, My Bottle had rose and amethyst crystals in it. Apparently, Rose Quartz is said to be a love stone which sorts of wraps you up in a warm loving hug improving our emotional health.

Amethyst is said to  have an innate energy that helps soothe away the day-to-day stresses that can at times be a part of our daily lives.

It’s also said that in working with the third eye and crown chakras, Amethyst helps your body give into innate desires like sound sleep and relaxation, but it also works with your third eye to balance the mind with insightful solutions to problems. I’ve recently had difficulty ’s sleeping, and with stress, I’ve discovered to my own shock and surprise that these mineral infused  bottles do seem to work . I mean are they life changing ? NO … but I’ve found that I do feel more energised, more positive  and happier. just more grounded.  

This led me to finding out what other minerals can do for you. Below is a very short list explaining what some minerals can do for you.  

Minerals. Just a few to tempt your appetite.


 Citrine is said to be the stone of manifesting abundance and when infused with 24K gold flakes & clear quartz amplifies all that you desire.

Citrine is often given to those wishing to set up a business or embarking on a new life adventure.



In the healing art’s it is thought that this combination of lapis lazuli and rutilated quartz relieves sore throats, allows one to speak with wisdom and authority, inspires honesty, and helps to lift the feeling of anxiety.

This blend was said to be  inspired by the ancient Egyptians. Lapis lazuli was regarded as a symbol for spirituality in ancient Egypt. Choose this gem-water blend if you want to be inspired.



If you’re seeking to harness your inner self, Inner Purity aquamarine could jsut be the perfect gem-water blend for you.

Traditional Naturopathic Uses:

In the healing arts this combination of aquamarine and clear quartz is believed to be cleansing, soothing, calming, and to aid in spiritual growth and inner wisdom . It is also believed by some to help with imbalances of the kidney and bladder and help with allergies.


If this is a goal then you could …Try ;  AQUAMARINE • SMOKY QUARTZ • CLEAR QUARTZ

It is said that if you like to follow a detox regime then by adding  SMOKY QUARTZ • CLEAR QUARTZ to your water it can  offer a greater dimension  to your detox. Resulting in clearer, glowing  skin.  

The above blends are said to harness clarity and fluidity and mindfulness.

The Pistachio opal

This soothing green stone is thought to have a strong rejuvenating quality. It’s believed to open your heart chakra. Making you more intuitive to the needs of those you love and care find.

Pistachio opal is a believed by some to be vital in finding an inner state of joy and attracts love towards you.  ( I will say I did find this gemstone difficult to source.)

Orange Calcite

This bright, sunny stone just seems to radiate warmth and happiness. Considered to help you feel  more positive. Helping you to connect to those around you. This stone like rose quartz is often referred to as a love stone because its said to give courage to open up to others.


They say the key to confidence is vitality, energy, and focus. Emerald is said to help make all this  happen . By helping you shed negativity ,and  embrace love, from yourself and others, and strengthen your connection to the divine. This powerful stone can be a balm for any confidence issues you’re struggling with.

I’ve learned that when it comes to choosing your own mix of gemstones you can often feel a strong pull to a particulr gemstone. When this happens, you may have found the gemstone you require. Disclaimer :  I’m not an expertin these things and the opinions written are just my thoughts . I would say categorically that one should never use crystal infused water in place of any medical advice or to self-treat any medical issues or concerns.

Author: Carol Osborne

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  1. Loved this. Can you write about hot stone body treatments please. Also can you tell me where I can find some of the gemstones. Thanks xox

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