make money at Farmers and craft markets. and you can to

How I make money at Farmers and craft markets.

I thought I would share with you some of my tried and trusted, go to tips. for slaying it, at Farmers markets.

(Psst , So you don’t have to make some of the rookie mistakes I did at the beginning. )

Your supper cool urban Padded Gilet.. check ….. Aviators… check.. you’ve got this chaps, lets go….


Choose the right location.

Do your ground work, visit as many other Farmers markets as you can before you settle on the “One.” This should pay dividends in the long run.

Your looking at the markets foot fall.

Ask yourself, does it have a steady flow of potential customers all day, or is it a dead zone come 1 pm ?

Are the potential customers, family’s on days out , or couples and people mooching.

From my experience when selling foods, family’s are better to sell to. They are usually interested in trying new …foods, recipes and will buy family treats to eat there, and to take home. So look out for Markets that attract family’s.

Also see if you can position your stall close to the children’s play area or the toilets, as these areas predictably have the most foot fall.

Failing this, try to be close to a tea and coffee van.

Make friends with the Markets manager.

Dress to impress.

How to make money at farmers markets.

Customers buy with there eyes first. So set your stall out creativity and have your prices clearly marked.

Customers tend to like a “theme. “ When selling foods, I set my stall out like a vintage tea party, with a vintage style Tea pot and china cups and saucers. (Make sure you don’t use ones you care about in case they smashed ,I bought mine from charity shops .)

Have bite samples arranged neatly in the front of your stall.

It can also help divert traffic to your stall, if you have a vivacious friend. Walking among the customers offering samples of your produce and directing them to your stall. Work that crowd baby..

Give Your Customers Ideas and Recipes.

People are often buying the uniqueness of your products, so if your selling a blueberry or Christmas Chutney.
Alongside Raspberry and Champagne Conserves.
Have some recipes printed off that they can use at home.
Have your website address, if you have one or the name of your stall printed clearly on your recipes so its easy for customers to find you.
(Salmon and fruit Chutney and moist chocolate Scones. Were always popular recipes on our stall. )

Get Flirty with it. !! 

Engage, with your customers, most People love to chat .. and smiles can make sales.

Offer samples ,while they are eating you can expand on your produce. This is most often a no brainer when it comes to making a sale.

Let your customers know about your produce, for example tell them about your Walnut and coffee cake, being your grandmothers recipe.

If appropriate tell the customers were your get your freshly laid eggs from. We could even tell them the names of our chickens. We use to have a photo on the wall of them. (Harriett and Topsy … in case you were wondering. )

(I will just add this, I was so shocked when I first started farmers markets. Watching some stall holders who just sat on there mobile phones, ignoring there customers not even looking at them . Even when serving they would keep on with there conversations on the phone.)

I know it can be difficult, especially if your nervous or shy , but customers return to happy friendly sellers. So if need be, fake it until you make it, is your motto.

Be Business Savvy.
To make money at any event you need to keep careful records of what it costs you to produce each food item, including cost of using appliances , travel costs to and from the venue, cost of hiring your pitch. etc.
Keep accurate records of what sells and for what price, and use creative pricing strategies to sell more, never underestimate the lure of a deal .
I often “cleaned up” by selling three for the price of two on cakes. Who doesn’t love deal ???

Have belief in your product.

If your product is great and I’m assuming it is.. don’t worry. Customers will find you and Farmers markets have a lot of repeat and loyal customers.

Charge what’s its worth, don’t fall into the trap of underselling yourself or your product.


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