The clever persons guide to money.

The clever persons 80/20 guide to money.

Hi there, life savvy people.

I’ve had some recent feed back to my blog  ”My first £1000.00 of 2018 and how I did it.”

Apparently some of you would like to start off saving with a more gentle approach. ( Was it the thought of giving up the wine?)

So I thought, I would share my normal monthly budgeting plan. It’s quite simple and you have probably already heard of it, but haven’t actually implemented it. Well here goes..

Each month I pay 20 % out of my salary straight into a savings account , this savings account is not linked to my current bank account. The 80% that’s left is what I live on.
It sounds simple, because it is. You can use this for a holiday, wedding or your retirement the choice is yours.

Author: Carol Osborne

UK Money Blogger. Making Money, Saving Money... No financial Expert... But .. I’ve learnt a few things along the way. On a mission to Make Money and Sharing ideas as I go along. Writer. Film maker. Theatre Director.

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